Meet our Farmers

Happy Goat Lucky Ewe Fiber Farm

Bridget Kavanagh

Via Verde Alpaca Farm

Zodiac Ranch

Pear Tree Farm

Patti Bierbaum

Lovely yarn and fiber products from Patti Bierbaum's llamas and sheep

Natural Cycles Farm

Lori Evesque 

worked at Tillers International before starting her own farm.  She coordinated the majority of merino wool in the first batch of Fresh Water Fiber. Lori discusses re-localizing fiber at meetings across the state. 

Eagle Ledge Farm

      Janet Dayrell 

CanDo Acres

Fredenberg Farm

  Alison Fredenberg 

Hoof To Hanger

This spot could be yours!

Although we started with some of the very best fiber known to man (alpaca and merino wool), it doesn't mean we are exclusive.  Fiber Farmers with livestock - from Angora goats and Rabbits to Yaks and everything in between are welcome to join the cooperative.  

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Interested in livestock?

Let the Michigan Fiber Cooperative connect you with our growers!